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Reviews for Diggin' Up Old Country Blues

"Payton’s music could have been recorded by Lomax.  He is a storyteller with a relaxed, introspective, almost conversational, style, who plays stark, intimate blues – his deep vocals and haunting falsetto underpinned by his own, often, eccentric guitar picking and Robert Scott’s hardly noticeable, but nevertheless essential drums, percussion and keyboards. This is a wonderful CD from an exceptional talent that will delight all lovers of 'Old Country Blues.' "

—Michael Rainsford, Blues in Britain magazine

"Although Payton has clearly digested previous Delta acoustic pickers, such as John Hurt ...his country blues are not stuck in the past.... Most striking is the wonderful contrast between Payton's weathered, slightly edgy voice and his precise six-string picking. There is an improvisational feel to many of the tracks and the whole CD evokes a lazy Delta Sunday afternoon. You can almost smell the barbeque."

—Mark Camarigg, Living Blues magazine

Diggin' Up Old Country Blues by Ben Wiley Payton

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