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Now Available! Diggin' Up Old Country Blues
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CD includes original music by Ben Payton:
1 • Barn Song
2 • The Jolly Plowboy
3 • Shake Me Up Inside
4 • Boogie Child
5 • Sharecropper Blues
6 • My True Love
7 • Now That You're Gone
8 • Back With My Baby Again
9 • Opportunity
10 • Lou Ida James
11 • Glad To See The Rising Sun

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"Payton’s music could have been recorded by Lomax.  He is a storyteller with a relaxed, introspective, almost conversational, style, who plays stark, intimate blues – his deep vocals and haunting falsetto underpinned by his own, often, eccentric guitar picking and Robert Scott’s hardly noticeable, but nevertheless essential drums, percussion and keyboards. This is a wonderful CD from an exceptional talent that will delight all lovers of 'Old Country Blues.' "

—Michael Rainsford, Blues in Britain magazine

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